I love you, OK ? par Gary Taxali

I love you, OK ? par Gary Taxali

Titre de livre: I love you, OK ?

Auteur: Gary Taxali

Broché: 144 pages

Date de sortie: August 11, 2011

ISBN: 3832795111

Éditeur: teNeues

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Gary Taxali avec I love you, OK ?

This distinctive collection showcases one of illustration's most original stars. Inspired by vintage comics and period advertisements, Gary Taxali tweaks conventional styling and contexts to cast light on life's constant paradoxes. Sex, love, consumer frenzy, or just that longing for something else--Taxali covers all the bases. Creating vibrant images with consummate skill, his work is bold and evocative. Whether adolescent obsessions or middleaged angst, Taxali delves into the desires and preoccupations that make us human.